A Look Into Lykos

Why Hemp?

Hemp is one of the most sustainable fibers on Earth. It is grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides in just 90 days and can grow practically anywhere. Using about half as much water as cotton to grow and more than doubling the yield hemp is the future. Healing the planet, Hemp literally replenishes the soil it is grown in while also taking more Carbon Dioxide out of the atmosphere than most plants and trees. A biodegradable and naturally antimicrobial material, hemp is sought out for its strength, durability, and supreme softness. 

Organic Cotton 

Organic Cotton is grown and produced free from many of the harmful substances and toxic metals that are commonly used with growing traditional cotton. So although we intend to eventually be a 100% hemp brand, we believe until the right textiles are available for us to do so it is crucial to be using organic cotton to pair with our premium hemp allowing for all of our garments to be completely biodegradable.

How We Source

Our fabric provider Hemptraders.com proudly practices Free and Fair Trade every step of the way. Also, they work directly with the farmers, factories and manufacturers to ensure they are providing the most natural hemp products with the most minimal impact on the planet. Since hemp was only recently re-legalized to grow here in the United States, the hemp sourced for our garments is imported from other countries at this time. We are constantly working on making our practice as sustainable as possible and plan to eventually source all materials here in the US and become a completely American made brand. 

Our Buttons

We use Corozo Nut Buttons for all of our pieces. Corozo is often compared to ivory for its likeness but is eons ahead in its ethical practices. Our buttons are made from a nut that is harvested once it naturally falls to the ground. In addition, its natural properties will ensure that Corozo Nut Buttons will seamlessly find their way back into the earth.

Made in Los Angeles

Each of our garments is handmade with love in Los Angeles, in a small factory that cares about its employees who all have many years of experience in this industry and who work tirelessly to make the absolute best garments possible. We keep a close look at every detail and each piece has been carefully crafted and inspected.

Dye Process

Our dye process is clean and simple. We garment dye using only Vegan & non-toxic dyes. 


We believe, in knowing we can thrive without harming anything else then that is exactly what we should and must do. Everything we make is made with love and completely cruelty free.